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A brave new world : Where biotechnology and human rights intersect




Each chapter The chapter also examines whose rights would control the describes the science, identifies the human rights issues, disposition of stored in vitro embryos in the event of a and sets out the relevant provisions in international and dispute between the progenitors. [...] Rights under interna- 20th century, and others worry that its use to detect the tional instruments, such as the Convention on the Rights of sex of the embryo may lead to a disruption in the natural the Child, and the Charter are examined. [...] Pursuant to section 32(1), the application of the Charter is The objective of this paper is to identify and analyze limited to Parliament and the federal government with human rights issues relating to biotechnology within the respect to all matters within federal authority, as well as current human rights framework and to identify areas the governments and legislatures of the provinces and where [...] One of the most significant steps towards moving human rights law to the forefront of international law was the The primary role of these bodies is to review domestic inclusion post WWII of the protection of human rights as implementation by those states that are party to the treaty one of the purposes of the United Nations, followed by through examining periodic national reports and with the adop [...] With within the Charter, particularly the rights enunciated in respect to section 8 of the Charter, the SCC has interpreted sections 2, 7, 8 and 15.40 In fact, human dignity plays a the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure central role in the equality analysis formulated by the in a broad fashion “to secure the citizen’s right to a reason- SCC.


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