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2013 synthesis of life after service studies / : Synthèse des Études sur la vie après le service de 2013




With the recent deployment to Afghanistan and other commitments, the CAF has been using more Reservists to fill multiple roles both in Canada and on deployments, and this study provides new and important information about the well-being of this population in addition to Veterans of the Regular Force. [...] LASS 2013 builds on the earlier studies from 2010 by including Veterans of the Primary Reserves in two major studies: the survey of health and well-being, and the record linkage for pre- and post-release income trends. [...] Income in the pre-release year compared with income for all of the first three years post-release showed a decrease for Regular Force Veterans and an increase for both Reserve Class A/B and Reserve Class C Veterans. [...] The Life After Service Studies (LASS) program of research is designed to enhance understanding of the transition from military to civilian life and ultimately improve the health of Veterans in Canada (VanTil 2011). [...] For this study, each Veteran was assigned to one of the mutually exclusive groups, as defined in Appendix C. The start dates were determined by initiation of the electronic human resource database at the Department of National Defence; initiation was earlier for the Regular Force than the Reserve Force.



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