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Care for children and youth with mental disorders : Soins aux enfants et aux jeunes atteints de troubles mentaux : rapport




Other research has shown that children and youth with mental disorders are at greater risk of involvement in the criminal justice system.6 There is considerable evidence to suggest that early intervention using the best evidence-based mental health care for youth with mental disorders yields considerable benefit.7, 8 The Mental Health Status of Children and Youth Most Canadian children and youth a [...] Insufficient coordination between ministries involved in mental health services can result in inefficiency and difficulty on the part of patients and families in navigating the system of care.13 In addition, it complicates tracking of disease incidence and duration and identifying treatment patterns and the success of alternative approaches. [...] While there has been much progress in the area of child and youth mental health in Canada, experts acknowledge there is still much to be done.13, 21 About This Report The goal of this study is to examine the current state and recent trends of health system utilization and psychotropic medication dispensing for children and youth with mental disorders. [...] From 2010 to 2013, Kids Help Phone reported a 29% increase in counselling for youth with mental and emotional health concerns and a 22% increase in counselling for youth with thoughts of suicide.26 11 Care for Children and Youth With Mental Disorders Increases in Rates of ED and Inpatient Use Highest Among 10- to 17-Year-Olds In 2013–2014, most ED visits and inpatient hospitalizations for mental d [...] These could include increases in the prevalence of mental disorders, improvements in the ability to identify and treat youth with mental disorders, a reduction in stigma resulting in more youth seeking help and/or reliance on hospital care and psychopharmacology in the face of limited and fragmented access to services in community settings.



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