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A map of the interface between science & policy : Map of the science/policy interface




ICSU, now called the International Council for Science, formulates a “Principle of the Universality of Science” as follows: The principle of the Universality of Science is fundamental to scientific progress. [...] A current key challenge is expressed in the overall theme of ICSU’s Strategic Plan 2006-2011: Strengthening International Science for the Benefit of Society: The long-term ICSU vision is for a world where science is used for the benefit of all, excellence in science is valued and scientific knowledge is effectively linked to policy-making.2 The interest in the linkage between scientific knowledge [...] It will be composed of (a) a description of the concepts underlying the science/policy interface, (b) the manifestation of the interface with a focus on broad functions within organizations, and (c) a simple classification of the diverse uses of government science and, thus, locations where the science/policy interface may have to be managed. [...] The disagreement between these two academic camps manifests itself in practical terms because it informs the discussion over the allocation of government funds to the different academic faculties (a critique of the natural sciences in combination with analytic advances in the social sciences and humanities strengthens the argument that too much money goes to the former and not enough to the latter [...] On the other hand, someone in the liberal arts may be offended by the lack of limits observed in science and exclaim: “the worth of a person is not a matter of scientific evaluation.” The lack of good communications among the faculties has already been lamented by C. P. Snow, in a 1959 lecture entitled Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution.4.



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