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2017 Veteran Suicide Mortality Study




'Suicide in Canada’s Armed Forces Veteran population is tragic and a top public health concern for Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC). Collaborative efforts by epidemiologists and researchers at VAC, the Department of National Defence (DND) and Statistics Canada (STC) have led to the successful linkage of military career records of over 200,000 former Regular Force and Class C Reservist CAF personnel to Canadian death records. This list of Veterans has been the foundation of the Veteran Suicide Mortality Study (VSMS), which aims to enhance the understanding of factors associated with suicide in CAF Veterans, to provide updates on suicide trends over time, to aid in the discussion of suicide prevention activities, and to respond to the ongoing public expectation for timely reporting'--Executive Summary, p. 1.


health epidemiology psychology death mortality rate demography mathematics risk statistics international statistical classification of diseases and related health problems suicide prevention confidence interval ci epidemiological studies standardized mortality ratio suicidality standardised mortality ratios