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A report on the state-of-the-art and economic viability of wind power development in Arctic communities /




"The technology of cold weather wind turbines in the 50 kW to 300 kW range and the available wind-diesel integration technology is ready for sequenced installation in the north. There have been some advances in wind turbines recently and there are also some good quality European wind turbines in the market and a new model by US manufacturer about to enter the market. For some wind turbines tall guyed towers are still lacking. Wind-diesel integration technology has been maturing in other countries and is available and applicable. This equipment is available in both sophisticated prepackaged modules or in less costly formats. In the author's opinion both the wind turbines and wind-diesel equipment has progressed beyond the experimental. However, further improvements and cost reductions, will, in part, be dependant on the installation of projects to increase the sales volumes for the suppliers. This will also provide project owners an opportunity to work with equipment suppliers to overcome any difficulties. For the suppliers there is a window of opportunity opening up because the higher oil prices and the net metering opportunities are increasing the market for this equipment"--Executive summary.



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