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A journey through heartache




No investigation specific to the Timilak death was undertaken by the Department of Health at the time of the fatality, at the time of imposition of license restrictions on Ms. [...] Page 2 of 6 The failure to conduct a timely and appropriate investigation regarding the death of Baby Makibi likely arises as a result of: • The failure by responsible bureaucrats to properly report/investigate the death in accordance with the Community Health Administration Guidelines; • The failure of communication between the District Supervisor, South Baffin and Regional Office; • The failure [...] The varying reports of the Chief Coroner as to the cause of death of Baby Makibi has left the community of Cape Dorset uncertain as to the facts, medical opinions, distrustful and angry. [...] In addition, the contrasting reports from the Office of the Chief Coroner as to the cause of death are of considerable concern. [...] The Nurse in Charge of a Community Health Centre reports to the Director of Health Programs for the region, who in turn reports to the Regional Director of Health for the region.



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