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A Canadian military presence in Afghanistan post 2011




In the delivery of development beset by problems related to a lack of support and humanitarian aid, for capacity, ethnic and tribal diversity, example, CIDA has invested in a number of corruption, narcotics and the cross-border large and small initiatives to promote nature of the insurgency. [...] As 5 The Conference of Defence Associations CDA Position Paper, 2009 the recruitment pool for the Taliban is consistent with the UN mandate on reduced and insurgency fighters become Afghanistan, and that the military mission increasingly unwelcome in secure villages, shall consist of: the level of security in the region increases. [...] Moreover, against the Taliban is not a ‘winnable’ ultimate success is directly linked to the undertaking, the focus on a more growth and competency of the ANSF (the concentrated approach to security and army and police) and the ability of the development is producing tangible results. [...] The of detainees to Afghan authorities in 2006 iconic image of the mission has become and 2007, albeit a legitimate concern, only the ramp ceremony, with little attention serves to deflect the public’s attention paid to the many successes being achieved away from the larger ‘here and now’ on the ground. [...] Canada should choose to provide a military Because of the protection and assistance force smaller than the one currently in provided by the military, the Afghan theatre and whose mission would be the people are beginning to see progress in provision of security and the training of the these areas, and it is important that the ANSF.


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