cover image: Temporary foreign workers in our union: - A SOLIDARITY AND ACTION


Temporary foreign workers in our union: - A SOLIDARITY AND ACTION

5 Apr 2024

The maximum amount of time a temporary ROLE OF THE UNION worker can work in Canada may depend on Like other contract or temporary workers, the contract they sign with their employer and migrant workers are often reluctant to join union the conditions set in the Labour Market Impact activities, file grievances or take job action Assessment (LMIA) if the employer was required because they fear losin. [...] Either the worker or the union can make complaints to the tip line, but care is required to ensure the immigration status of temporary foreign workers is be protected in the process. [...] The employer’s plans for the settlement and integration of the foreign workers that arrive, including details of the employer’s plans to provide information to foreign workers about their rights. [...] The employer’s plans to support foreign workers to acquire permanent residence status in anticipation of the expiration of the temporary work permit. [...] If an employer signs a contract with a TFW without mentioning the workplace is unionized, and if they intend to employ the worker without respecting the collective agreement, the union can file a complaint with the ESDC.
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