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[Rapport sur l'aquaculture] : [Report on aquaculture]




Volume Three will include the Committee’s observations and recommendations on the aquaculture industry That the Standing Senate Committee on Fisheries and its governance in Canada, based on findings and Oceans be authorized to examine and from the fact-finding missions and the evidence report on the regulation of aquaculture, current gathered during the public hearings. [...] As part of these missions, the Committee also performance of the aquaculture industry from took the opportunity to hold public hearings in one province to the other, nor is it to assess the some cities, including: Gander (N. [...] The shellfish aquaculture, however, is located around integ ra tion encompasses all four phases of the Vancouver Island or within the Strait of Georgia, Marine Harvest Canada, a subsidiary of Marine Harvest Norway, is one of the three main salmon aquaculture companies in B. C. Based in Campbell River, the company holds 50% of finfish licences in the province and employs some 500 workers. [...] A revised MOU was signed between the two levels of governments, which identifies DFO as the main regulator of the aqua- cul ture industry in B. C., while the provincial Min is- try of Agriculture (BC-MA) is acknowledged as the lead agency for the strategic development of the industry in the province.7 The MOU also defines the roles of other federal and provincial departments, ministries and agen c [...] These advi- loped the Pacific Aquaculture Regulations, under sory committees review management plans on a the Fisheries Act, to replace the previous provincial regular basis and provide advice and reco m men- regime and solidify the new federal/provincial da tions to DFO with respect to the management arrangement.8 These regulations set conditions of finfish and shellfish aquaculture in B. C. In i


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