cover image: May 2, 2024 #ICESforum2024 2024 ICES Research Forum - Strength of Numbers:


May 2, 2024 #ICESforum2024 2024 ICES Research Forum - Strength of Numbers:

25 Apr 2024

The experiences of mental wellness and unwellness among Métis citizens pre- and during the pandemic are critical to informing the development of Métis-specific programs and strategies to improve outcomes now and to prepare for future pandemics or other public health emergencies. [...] Jennifer Rayner, Director of Research and Policy, Alliance for Healthier Communities PRESENTATION 3: Leveraging Common Data Models for multi- jurisdictional research: This session will provide an overview of the types and characteristics of Common Data Models (CDM), examples of Canadian studies undertaken with CDMs, and highlight new statistical methods for analysis of observational data that were. [...] The topics are intended to provide an introductory overview of the work of the Public & Community Engagement team at ICES and provide real examples of resources that were developed to build capacity and assist ICES scientists and project teams with meaningful engagement in research. [...] Salimah Shariff, Staff Scientist, ICES Western SPOTLIGHT SESSION F: Get the inside scoop on how to join the ICES research community: Are you a researcher interested in becoming part of the ICES network? If so, this session will provide you with information and the opportunity to ask questions about the different ICES scientist, trainee and student routes that are available to researchers who would. [...] Michael’s Hospital and is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine and the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto.
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