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9 Apr 2024

This report thus urges policymakers and practitioners to take seriously the gendered role of identity and socialization in their efforts to prevent the perpetration of conflict-related sexual violence and to appropriately respond to its legacies in the aftermath of conflict. [...] The Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, held in London the following year, also aimed to galvanize global action on the issue and established the International Protocol on the Documentation and Investigation of Sexual 3 It is worth noting that acts of rape and other forms of sexual violence can also constitute an act of genocide. [...] commitment to ending impunity for conflict-related sexual violence and aimed to improve accountability, including through the imposition of economic sanctions and visa restrictions on responsible parties, greater prioritization of the issue in foreign policy engagement and security assistance, and the allocation of resources to coordination, reporting, and training efforts (The White House 2022). [...] For instance, Geneva Call launched a “Deed of Commitment on the Prohibition of Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict and 22 POLICY PAPERS PAPERS Towards the Elimination of Gender Discrimination” in 2012 to complement its other training and awareness-raising tools and materials that it uses to engage with armed groups. [...] “Defining and Dangerous? An Examination of the Assad Regime’s Use of the Shabiha Militia in the Syrian Conflict.” Center for International Studies and 29 POLICY PAPERS PAPERS Diplomacy Yearbook of Global Studies, School of Oriental and Asian Studies, University of London 1, no.


Louis-Benoit Lafontaine

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