cover image: Projected estimates of cancer in Canada in 2024


Projected estimates of cancer in Canada in 2024

2 May 2024

We sought to sum- hepatic bile duct cancer, kidney can- marize the expected impact of cancer Results: In 2024, the number of new cer, melanoma, and non-Hodgkin in Canada in 2024, with projections of cancer cases and deaths from cancer lymphoma). [...] standardized incidence rate (ASIR) and incidence of cancer and associated mortality rate (ASMR) are projected to mortality are declining, new cases and Methods: We obtained data on new decrease slightly from previous years deaths in Canada are expected to cancer cases (i.e., incidence, 1984– for both males and females, with increase in 2024, largely because of the 2019) and deaths from cancer (i.e. [...] The most recent estimates indicated that the economic to update these analyses and determine projections of the burden of cancer in Canada was $26.2 billion in 2021, with 30% of counts and age-standardized rates of new cancer cases and costs being carried by patients and their families.7 deaths expected in 2024, by sex and by province or territory for Because of the time required for collecting an. [...] The increase in uptake (> 90%) of HPV vaccination programs and HPV testing as the number of cancer survivors will require both additional invest- the primary screening modality.46 ment and innovation to provide necessary supports.24 A major update to our analyses is the inclusion of data from Cancer remains the leading cause of death in Canada. [...] Esti- Quebec, enabled by the submission of 2011–2017 incidence data mates from the Centre for Population Health Data at Statistics to the Canadian Cancer Registry from the Quebec cancer regis- Canada, released in 2023, suggest that cancer accounted for nearly try.3 Compared with previous efforts to model national data, the 25% of all deaths in Canada in 2022.25 In terms of potential years of proje.
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