cover image: Federal Budget 2024: An Indigenous Accounting - by Hayden King & Riley Yesno


Federal Budget 2024: An Indigenous Accounting - by Hayden King & Riley Yesno

22 Apr 2024

this funding is allocated to departments, agencies, or organizations that aim to Just before the budget announcement, e Assembly support Indigenous communities and not of First Nations noted that $135 billion is immediately Indigenous communities themselves, which required to address the housing crisis. [...] Safety Canada did not work in partnership with Indigenous communities to provide equitable access to police services Economic Development that are tailored to the needs of communities.” → $350 million over ve years, starting in 2024–25, Additional funding for Policing and Justice brings the total has been pledged to renew Canada’s commitment to committed in 2024 to nearly half a billion dollars. [...] With the potential revitalization of market-based housing, the possibility of a future Conservative Government, and is is a deeply depressing funding commitment to proposals for more expansive private property initiatives, a address the ongoing racism of Canadians toward registry will be required. [...] Meanwhile, passed and the Oce of the Indigenous Language the Federal Governments have a habit of selecting and Commissioner was established (which was only last year), funding discrete education programming initiatives that there were loud criticisms of the Federal Government’s aim to support Indigenous communities: e Martin approach to language revitalization. [...] is has been a lack of funding to save the languages Canada year’s recipient of federal recognition is the Dechinta is destroying.
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