cover image: YI Research Assistant Posting 5.2024


YI Research Assistant Posting 5.2024

17 May 2024

The position calls for someone with experience in conducting primary and secondary research, establishing and maintaining good relationships with various collaborators; and connecting ideas, dialogue, and feedback to actionable research. [...] We are looking for someone to play an active role in collaborating with the Red Paper team on executing the methodology for this project in an ethical, iterative, and co-created way with our community. [...] As RA, you will conduct research that flows from the guidance and direction shared by gathering attendees and as envisioned by the Research Director. [...] Rooted in community networks, Yellowhead offers critical and accessible resources to support the reclamation of Indigenous land and life. [...] Role Responsibilities // ● Conducts literature review of academic and gray literature as well as media scans of new and relevant research and analysis on topics related to YI research initiatives; ● Supports the Research team with planning and execution of research-related gatherings including co-developing and executing a data ‘harvest’ plan during and after gatherings; ● Provides support to for.
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