cover image: Spring 2024 New Recruits Occupy Salmon Farm T

Spring 2024 New Recruits Occupy Salmon Farm T

24 Apr 2024

SIX (Sustainable Investment Exchange) will Living Oceans is working to ensure the long- With the launch of the Save the Skaterally more than 100 shareholders to drive term health of the ocean and coastal shareholder campaign, we are hopeful that communies of Canada. [...] adverse impacts on the Southern petition to the Commissioner on the Residents and their critical habitat to be Environment and Sustainable Living Oceans and Raincoast in place prior to project approval. [...] The Development, filed in early February, Conservation Foundation worked with project was approved on the strength of seeking answers on the status of the 16 counsel at Ecojustice from the inception the government’s undertaking to meet recommendations. [...] At the same time, one published in the Hill Times between Discovery Island farms and wonders when, or if, elected officials are bacterial infection… of Fraser sockeye and going to take on the task of righting the Watching the Department of Fisheries other salmon species”. [...] physiological effects’ from infection with it clear they have no intention of sea lice, made it into the decision memo commissioning the recommended audits This is only the latest in a series of moves offered to the Minister for the licensing and reviews.



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