cover image: 2023 Membership Survey Highlights


2023 Membership Survey Highlights

11 Apr 2024

We communicate a lot , and members can’ t keep up! While 82% of those who responded consider the work of Cooperation Canada to be important or essential for the work of their own organization, some struggle to connect with our work because of the breadth and depth of the content. [...] As the sector works to adopt a more decolonized and localized approach to international cooperation, they are also faced with a changing landscape in Canada related to a potential change in government, decreasing ODA, and the upcoming G7 presidency for Canada in 2025. [...] In addition to technical issues with the portal and related communications notifications (that we are working to address with a new system!), the core work of the working groups could also be improved with more dialogue, ideation, and collaboration. [...] The survey showed that members appreciate Cooperation Canada’s engagement with GAC and want more! Members specifically highlighted the importance of maintaining collaborative joint advocacy initiatives for transformation, particularly in areas such as funding models, the Grants & Contributions Transformation Initiative, and GAC accountability frameworks. [...] We are committed to enhancing communication, engagement, and interaction with our members and working groups, leveraging the feedback provided by the survey to guide our efforts.


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