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15 May 2024

IRSST 2023 Activity Report 5 Values Proud of our mission and committed to achieving our vision, we embody the following values: Excellence, as the foundation of the IRSST’s credibility and leadership; Agility, to anticipate and respond to needs and emerging problems; O penness, to capitalize on the diversity of people, ideas and disciplines; Integrity and transparency, as the heart of our work, ex. [...] Thanks to the contribution of the Institute’s personnel initiatives follow logically from the legislative changes and the support of its entire Board of Directors, I am confident introduced in the Act to modernize the health and safety that the appropriateness and benefits of our research and regime. [...] The year was also highly productive for the Communications This is the theme of the 2023 Activity Report and is exactly Department, which disseminated the Institute’s new brand what the IRSST’s research team, in collaboration with the image in May, in addition to carrying out two major projects: members of the Scientific Advisory Board, have done by the third season of the Facteurs de risque serie. [...] Administrative Review of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Given this recurring situation, the Board of Directors Bank (AIIB) and is Deputy Judge of the Administrative mandated the Scientific Advisory Board to document Tribunal of the European Organisation for the Exploitation of the changes in our research projects and funding costs, Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT), as well as a member to. [...] The aim of this agreement is to provide a framework for and coordinate the actions and resources Lyne Sauvageau, CEO of the IRSST, of the two partners, ultimately to further the outreach and impact of and Emmanuelle Legault, CEO of the Palais occupational health and safety research by holding major gatherings des congrès and conferences in Montreal.
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