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Report on Equality Rights of Aboriginal People

22 Feb 2024

The purpose of the report is to document the status of Aboriginal peoples with respect to their well-being. [...] When looking at multiple labour force status categories, the proportion of Aboriginal adults is higher than that of non-Aboriginal adults in all categories, with the exception of Aboriginal women in the “unemployed part-year, not in the labour force part-year” category. [...] With the exception of the “university” category, the proportion of Aboriginal adults enrolled in all other types of post-secondary education is higher than those of non- Aboriginal adults. [...] a) Core housing need The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation uses the concept of “core housing need” which comprises the following elements: • the physical condition of the dwelling, which determines the adequacy of shelter (e.g., whether housing is in need of major repairs); • the size or potential crowding situation in the dwelling (e.g., whether the housing has sufficient bedrooms for the s. [...] Note: a) Timing of parole in the sentence refers to the percentage of the sentence served at the time of the first day parole or full parole.


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