cover image: Community Innovation Fund Impact Report - COMMUNITIES BUILDING YOUTH FUTURES (CBYF)


Community Innovation Fund Impact Report - COMMUNITIES BUILDING YOUTH FUTURES (CBYF)

9 May 2024

Additionally, several INCREMENTALLY young people involved in the program cited the EXPANDING YOUTH supportive relationships and cultural teachings Chatham-Kent’s 2021 CIF initiative, Ambition provided by the CIF program and the NFC as one EMPLOYMENT READINESS Incubator, provided youth with the tools and of the reasons they were able to successfully experience to find employment through hands- comp. [...] As funding and support from the city and school the team wrote in their final report, to increase boards, the program has reached sustainability supports and change policies around youth and is already scaling to other schools in the homelessness, local organizations and politicians region. [...] Through the micro-grant In the second year of the initiative, 4 youth This greatly exceeded the team’s initial goal and a CIF project often served as a stepping program, over 30 youth received laptops and completed a micro-pilot of the radio station, provided valuable feedback to aid the design of stone for youth, helping them gain other technology to help them attend school and attracting signifi. [...] Over the course of the at the local high school to have a hockey team behavioural issues in the classroom setting initiative, the Prince Albert team engaged over and attended almost every game to support the • Supported youth in contributing to did not have behavioural issues in the cooking 500 community members on school boards, city players. [...] and contribute to the success of these all of the CIF Projects revealed seven important the leadership team learned that young people The DAYS space continues to be a hub for projects; the creativity and ingenuity learnings about what young people need to were struggling with social isolation and lack organizations to network and youth to learn and of communities in prototyping new thrive both aca.
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