cover image: National Electors Study on the 43rd Canadian Federal General Election



National Electors Study on the 43rd Canadian Federal General Election

1 Oct 2020

In terms of the specific respondent in the household, interviewers asked to speak to the person in the household who had the most recent birthday and who would be at least 18 years of age and a Canadian citizen by the time of the October election. [...] Dynata’s panellists were rewarded for taking part in the surveys per the panel’s incentive program, which is structured to reflect the length of survey and the nature of the sample. [...] This included the Survey of Electors Following the 42nd General Election, the Evaluation of the Electoral Reminder Program for the 42nd Canadian Federal Election, the National Youth Survey, and EC questions that in previous years had been placed in the Canadian Election Study. [...] The following specifications applied to the CATI surveys (W1, W3a, W3b): • Calling was conducted at different times of the day and the week to maximize the opportunity to establish contact. [...] Given the time- sensitive nature of the survey and its questions, the questions and choices that respondents were presented with in the survey were determined based on the date they accessed the survey, rather than the invitation date.
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