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A Portrait of Creative Entrepreneurship and the Creative Economy in Canada




A. P o r t r A i t. o f. C r e A t i v e. e n t r e P r e n e u r s h i P 4 i n t r o d u C t i o n : s e t t i n g. t h e. s C e n e C R E A T I V E. W O R K. A N D. F I R M S. A S The United Nations Educational, Scientific and D R I V E R S. O F. I N N O V A T I O N. A N D. V A L U E Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Convention on C R E A T I O N the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cul [...] For example, researchers of work are common and many firms are not-for- the Canadian fashion industry have noted that profit; and the use of terms such as ‘creative and the “varying and inconsistent definitions of the cultural industries (CCIs)’ ‘creative economy’ and creative economy” and the “omission of fashion” ‘creative entrepreneurship’ reflecting long-standing impacts the development of fun [...] Beginning in the UK, a number of governments, In Canada, culture is defined as ‘creative, and in particular cultural departments, economic artistic activity and the goods and services development departments, and statistical agencies, produced by it, and the preservation of replaced the term “cultural industries” or “arts heritage’” —Statistics Canada, The Canadian and culture industries” with “cr [...] The flows Economy of Creative Entrepreneurship on between them, and indeed amateur arts and Digital Platforms: A Case Study of co-production as well, are underlined by the report.” —Geoffrey Crossick and Patrycja Kaszynska, Understanding the Value of In 2017, the audio-visual and interactive media Arts and Culture: The AHRC Cultural Value industry also provided the most jobs in Canada [...] A. P o r t r A i t. o f. C r e A t i v e. e n t r e P r e n e u r s h i P 23 C U R R E N T. T R E N D S. A N D. C H A L L E N G E S In 2017, 35-40 percent of Canadian women I N. C R E A T I V E. A N D. C U LT U R A L in creative occupations were self-employed, I N D U S T R I E S compared to 10-15 percent of self-employed women outside of the creative industries.229 According to a study from the C