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A Healthy, Happy, Prosperous Ontario




March 2019 The Honourable Ted Arnott Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario Room 180, Legislative Building Legislative Assembly Queen’s Park Province of Ontario Dear Speaker, In accordance with section 58.1 of the Environmental Bill of Rights, 1993 (EBR), please find enclosed the 2019 Energy Conservation Progress Report for your submission to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. [...] In the residential and transportation sectors, for example: • trucks used 31% less energy in 2016 than in 1990 per tonne-kilometre of freight shipped • cars in Ontario used 18% less energy to drive a passenger the same distance in 2016 than in 1990, and Figure 1.5. [...] Energy efficiency is a clear win-win, the environment and the amount of energy we use, financially and for public relations. [...] For example, employment in Toronto’s green sector grew by 6.5% between 2016 and 2017, as compared to the 2.1% average employment growth across all sectors between 2012 and 2017.14 According to the Conference Board of Canada, the government has a key policy role to play to enable the cleantech sector to grow to its full potential.15 For a key example of Ontario’s burgeoning energy efficiency sector [...] According to the International Energy Association, The bottom line is shown in two key chapters from the energy efficiency has the potential to be the largest 2018 World Health Organization report, Health and single contributor (about 40%) of the carbon reductions Climate Change, entitled: needed to achieve global GHG targets by 2030.20 Recent Canadian-specific modeling shows the potential • The P


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