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Accessible Publishing




CELA’s mission is to support public libraries in Canada in the provision of accessible collections for people with print disabilities in equal measure to that which is enjoyed by other members of their communities, and to champion the fundamental right of people with print disabilities to access media and reading materials in the format of their choice. [...] The goals of NNELS are to build capacity and employment opportunities for people with print disabilities, to advance the agenda of “born accessible” publishing, and to develop and maintain a digital 7 repository of accessible books for people with print disabilities in Canada, delivered through the network of public libraries in Canada. [...] With the funding support of the Canada Book Fund, ACP and eBOUND’s research took place between October 2019 and March 2020 and included the following components: i. An analysis of the current landscape for the production and distribution of accessible digital books in Canada, and potential market development for these books in the Canadian English-language market. [...] Members provided input to the scope of the research, acted as a resource for ACP and eBOUND staff and the consultants throughout the project, and were given the opportunity to validate the project’s findings before publication. [...] Conduct further research into the number of people in Canada with learning disabilities and their reading needs, and into the reading needs of readers of children and youth, French, Indigenous Peoples, and People of Colour with print disabilities.


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