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A Higher Standard




The objective of these services is to support the health, wellbeing and functional abilities of older adults and people with disabilities, and to ensure they are able to age and die with dignity. [...] These principles prioritize the importance of improving care and support for the many marginalized populations that use these services, their unpaid family and friend care providers, and the undervalued workforce in the sector, which is primarily female and often racialized and/or immigrant. [...] This information must then be contextualized, put into useable formats, and fed back to the provinces and territories, health system managers, staff and the public to support innovation and system-wide improvement.4 The goal of this accountability process is not only to ensure transparency as to whether the conditions set by the federal government are being met, but also to create the opportunity [...] Developing, supporting and scaling-up innovative models for service integration and improving connectivity across the health and social support sectors are of paramount importance for the health and well-being of seniors and people with disabilities. [...] A Higher Standard: Setting federal standards in long-term care and continuing care 6 Policies requiring transparent, verified reporting to ensure accountability to the public and compliance with the above standards in the operation of the home.


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