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A Renewed Canadian Approach to Alliance-Building




Canadians need to be aware of the changing international order, the chal- lenges that it brings, and the fact that Canada does indeed have the neces- sary tools and the political will to protect and promote Canadian security, prosperity, and values. [...] That suggests that the negative views of the US are primarily driven by the public’s impression of the Trump administration underpinning a historical skepticism toward America. [...] Figure 4: Opinion of the World Health Organization of the pandemic is to highlight the dysfunction of international institutions like the WHO in a very public way. [...] The same could also be said of the UN, though that skepticism could have even deeper roots – given the steady decline in Canada’s UN peacekeeping in the past few decades and growing controversy over the role of authoritarian states in UN bodies like the Human Rights Council. [...] We do not see the same level of partisan divide and polarization of attitudes that we see towards the UN and WHO when it comes to other organizations 5 A renewed Canadian approach to alliance-building C O M M E N T A R Y in the survey.


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