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A Compendium of GHG Reduction Legislation & Regulations Across Canada




Clean Fuel Standard Requires suppliers of all liquid, gaseous, > and solid fuels in Canada to reduce the Limits – carbon Fuel – distributors (2022) X X X X X X X X X carbon intensity of their product intensity of fuels and importers > Greenhouse Gas. [...] Tax industrial facilities; X X X X X X X X (2018) large industrial GHG emitters electricity providers > Fuel charge regulations Specifies details of carbon price on (2018) fossil fuel and combustible waste Tax Fuel – distributors X X X X X X X X Industrial facilities; > Output-Based Pricing Implements an output-based pricing. [...] Sectors directly affected Party Transportation Oil & gas The Oil and Gas Conservation Amendment Act (2019) Regulates flared and vented methane emissions in the upstream oil and gas Limits – methane Industrial facilities X > The Oil and Gas sector emissions – oil and gas Emissions Management Regulations (2019) The Management and Reduction of Greenhouse Gases Act (2018) > The Management and Reductio [...] X X X X (not yet in force) tonnes of GHGs per year) Fuel Tax Act (2010) Taxes consumer purchases of fuel Tax Fuel – importers and retailers X X. X X X. X The Fuel and Carbon Tax Act. [...] Establishes a carbon tax on fossil fuels Tax Fuel – importers X X X X X X X (not yet in force) and retailers Emissions Tax on Coal and Petroleum Coke Act Implements an emissions tax on coal and petroleum coke Tax Fuel – purchasers (2011) Table continues > Canada West Foundation.


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