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A Long-Term Economic Recovery Agenda for Ontario




Policy Solutions for Ontario’s Prosperity A Long-Term Economic Recovery Agenda for Ontario By Drew Fagan Sean Speer Ian T. D. Thomson Ontario 360’s purpose is to scan Ontario’s economic opportunities and challenges and develop evidence-based public policy ideas to inform and shape the Ontario government’s own policy planning and development. [...] Instead The government has recently outlined its the Ontario government will need to “framework for reopening the province.”1 focus on its own policy levers and the The plan is gradual and mostly short- steps it can take, unilaterally or in term oriented. [...] The government’s 2019-20 deficit was projected to close at $9 billion and the plan remained to “continue on our path to balance the books by 2023-24.”3 The coronavirus was barely part of. [...] Ontario 360’s programme Ontario.” The committee’s roadmap to launch in earnest in the coming will ostensibly cover both the short-term weeks and months. [...] But the province recommendations to inform these had been subject to credit downgrades efforts including: and growing concerns about its fiscal • Launch a comprehensive spending sustainability prior to the crisis.13 It will be review similar to the 2012 Drummond important therefore that the government Report in order to enact fiscal reforms move deliberately to restore fiscally-sound to achieve ef


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