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A Partnership in Name Only




A Partnership in Name Only: How the Public Sector Subsidizes the P3 Model Simon Enoch june 2020 A Partnership in name Only: How the Public Sector Subsidizes the P3 Model By Simon Enoch June 2020 About the Author Simon Enoch is the Director of the Saskatchewan Office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. [...] In Saskatchewan, the majority of P3s treat the P3 school “as you would a leased are often referred to by the acronym ‘DBFM,’ meaning that the P3 contractor “Designs, Current P3 Projects in Saskatchewan Builds, Finances, and Maintains” the project.2 Of these, it is often the private finance component Provincial (SaskBuilds) that comes in for the majority of criticism, as it • Meadows Swift Current [...] Due to the possibility of employer maintenance of our public institutions stretch retaliation, we have made every effort to conceal over thirty years, it is imperative that we fully the identity of our interviewees by omitting understand the extent of the control we are any details in the transcripts that could identify giving up over these institutions over the life of the employee, specific plac [...] While we sometimes recently received, coupled with the fact that it is get a glimpse of the control we cede to the the only P3 institution of its kind in the province, P3 contractor through select news stories, the it would be impossible to accurately describe public often does not know what the extent the unique working conditions at the hospital of the private contractors control over these with [...] Workers talked to us about that multiple workers cited to us was that “the shifting standards for things like cleaning and building and the outside is the responsibility snow-removal, with the responsibilities of the of the P3 contractor,” while “equipment and public sector workers often changing based on furniture” was often the responsibility of the the latest interpretation of the P3 contract.


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