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A Resilient Economy and Safe Climate




As B. C. and the world continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, governments are increasingly looking to put the clean economy and job growth at the centre of recovery efforts. [...] The climate plan currently in place lays in the short term and set B. C. up for long-term success out a vision for a prosperous, clean economy and a plan in the decarbonizing global marketplace. [...] Ground-breaking policies included plans to reduce the carbon footprint of natural gas, gasoline, and diesel; a move toward 100% new zero-emissions vehicle sales by 2040; and a system to publicly report on the progress of climate programs and emissions reductions. [...] To do our part to help the world avoid the worst impacts of climate change, B. C. too must 3. We need close the gap to the decarbonize by 2050. [...] We must have a robust plan to last year to mandate public reporting of B. C.’s progress close the gap and achieve the 2030 target to have any to meeting its climate targets.


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