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A Macroeconomic Model of an Epidemic with Silent Transmission and Endogenous Self-Isolation




'We study the interaction between epidemics and economic decisions in a model where (1) agents allocate their time to market and home production and social and home leisure, (2) these activities differ in their degree of contagiousness, (3) some infected individuals are indistinguishable from susceptible individuals, and (4) agents are not necessarily rational. For baseline parameter values for the COVID-19 pandemic, we find that agents partially self-isolate by allocating more time to home activities and that the effective reproduction number of the disease stabilises at one. Detection and isolation of infected individuals severely mitigate the recession caused by the pandemic'--Abstract, page ii.


health economics recession science and technology epidemiology mathematics medicine social sciences tuberculosis illness epidemic infection virus disease diseases and conditions lagrange multiplier steady-state economy transmission (medicine) coronavirus disease 2019 basic reproduction number reproduction number0 basic reproduction rate infact