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A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Time for Change Program




The principal aim of this analysis was to compare the monetary benefits of the program to the cost of the program. [...] To calculate the cost savings to the justice system, the difference between actual and expected recidivism was assessed for participants of T4C to get the number of crimes avoided through participation in the program. [...] Limitations Limitations on data availability impact the values used in this analysis including the weighted cost per participant, the expected recidivism rate of the participants, the actual recidivism rate, and the cost of an incident of crime. [...] The total cost of the program was allocated proportionately to each of these categories based on the number of participants in each category during the year, and the average time in T4C, or estimated number of visits for that category. [...] The costs associated with connecting the participants to success factors were included in the cost of the program per participant and are compared in this analysis to the benefit of cost savings to the criminal justice system.