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2020 Vision




Each of our recommendations system, in tandem with effective, well-organized is based on foundational principles, with community and home care, will ease pressure the understanding that meeting Canada’s on the acute-care system and eliminate many of commitments to domestic and international the gaps in the continuum of care that too often treaties and agreements is an underlying goal of result in [...] To address the lessons of COVID-19 and reset the course for the health of all in Canada, we recommend these three actions.: 1. The Government of Canada should immediately appoint a Commission of Inquiry on Aging in Canada. [...] The principles were derived to support transformation of the health- Health promotion and illness prevention care system “toward one that is sustainable and The health system must support people adequately resourced, and provides universal in Canada in the prevention of illness and access to quality, patient-centred care delivered the enhancement of their well-being. [...] Patient-centred care is Equitable seamless access to the continuum of care in a timely manner, based on need and not the The health care system has a duty to people in ability to pay, that takes into consideration the Canada to provide and advocate for equitable individual needs and preferences of the patient access to quality care and multi-sectoral and his/her family, and treats the patient with [...] The Truth and Reconciliation 2. Achieving the quadruple aim Commission of Canada Application of the principles proposed by the To “redress the legacy of residential schools and Canadian Medical Association and Canadian advance the process of Canadian reconciliation,” Nurses Association was designed to align the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of well with achieving the Institute for Healthcare


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