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2020 Environmental Scan




A higher share of Ontario young adults have post-secondary credentials than in any single state in the U. S. although the gap is widest compared with some southern states. [...] Source: Colleges Ontario, based on a special tabulation of the 2015 Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey and a special tabulation of the 2011 National Housing Survey. [...] The broader public sector (educational services, health and social services, and public administration) and the professional, scientific and technical services sector each employ twice the concentration of people with degrees as the private sector. [...] The educational attainment of entrepreneurs with employees tends to vary by the size of the community. [...] Graduates in the Economy 7 Ontario projects 3 ONTARIO’S COLLEGE GRADUATE ADVANTAGE COMPARED TO THE U. S. 3.1 Post-secondary educational attainment of young adults, Ontario compared to the U. S. Advanced degree Degree Other post-secondary credential ONTARIO 14% 28% 32% U.S.


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