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2020 Survey Report 3: Identity, Values and Language




The Confederation of Tomorrow 2020 survey of Canadians The Confederation of Tomorrow survey was conducted by the Environics Institute for Survey Research, in partnership with four leading public policy organizations across the country: the Canada West Foundation, the Centre d’analyse politique – constitution fédéralisme, the Institute for Research on Public Policy, and the Brian Mulroney Institute [...] Half of the survey to a shared society, regardless of whether that society is participants in the province, chosen at random, along with framed in terms of Canada or Quebec – although the level those outside Quebec were asked the same question as in of support in Quebec is slightly lower than in the rest of 2019. [...] Notably, the views of younger francophone Quebecers on this question resemble those of their counterparts in the rest of Canada, which is not the case for the older age groups: there is a only a nine-point difference in support for the option of “non-interference” among those between the ages of 18 and 39, compared to a 29-point gap among those age 55 and older. [...] In answer to a second question, a plurality also (46%) say that governments in Canada should not says that governments in Canada should not have the power to have the power to overrule the courts by passing a overrule the courts by passing a law which the courts have declared law, even though the courts have declared that law to to be unconstitutional because it violates the Charter. [...] This question was also at the heart of constitutional debates in Canada leading to the CHART 9 entrenchment of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Parliament, the Supreme Court and the Charter: 1982.


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