Assessing Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government : 353 promises and a mandate for change
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Assessing Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government : 353 promises and a mandate for change

16 July 2019



During the 2015 election, the Liberal Party of Justin Trudeau promised to make real change in the lives of all Canadians. It is a good opportunity, on the eve of the next election, to provide a rigorous and impartial assessment of how the Liberal government has delivered on its campaign promises. Under the direction of Lisa Birch and François Pétry, twenty renowned academics investigate the fate of the 353 liberal campaign promises in fields as varied as international relations, energy and sustainable development, the economy, Indigenous Reconciliation and the legalization of recreational cannabis. Collaborators draw from a common set of documentary sources and rely on a common method to analyze and contextualize the pledge fulfillment verdicts that area accessible on the Trudeau Polimeter website. Contrary to popular belief that politicians make empty promises, it appears that the Liberals in power have fulfilled at least in part the vast majority of their promises. The book concludes with a reflection on the relevance and meaning of campaign promises for Canadian democracy. In particular, we ponder the paradox that fulfilling most of your campaign promises does not necessarily create a sense of enthusiasm among voters.--Publisher's description.

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21st century canada history politics and government political science political process liberal party of canada political leadership canadian politics promesses électorales canada. politique et gouvernement premier ministre (2015- : trudeau) 2015- trudeau, justin, promesses électorales campaigns & elections political parties & elections 1971-

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 8 List of Figures 13 List of Tables 14 Acknowledgements 16 Foreword 20 The Honourable Thomas Mulcair 20 References 24 Introduction 26 A Mandate for Change 26 François Pétry and Lisa Birch 26 References 36 Chapter 1 38 Assessing Justin Trudeaus Performance at Fulfilling Campaign Pledges 38 Lisa Birch and François Pétry 38 References 49 Chapter 2 52 The Trudeau Governments Legislative Agenda Election Promises and a Dual Mandate 52 Lisa Birch Steve Jacob and Antoine Baby-Bouchard 52 References 66 Chapter 3 68 Federalism An Institutional Constraint on the Fulfillment of Election Promises 68 François Rocher 68 References 79 Chapter 4 82 The Liberal Fiscal Plan Left-Wing Promises Right-Wing Government 82 Geneviève Tellier and Cheick Alassane Traoré 82 References 93 Chapter 5 96 Economic Policies Did the Liberals Strengthen the Middle Class 96 Marcelin Joanis and Stéphanie Lapierre 96 References 108 Chapter 6 110 Political Communication and the Trudeau Liberal Government 110 Alex Marland and Vincent Raynauld 110 References 122 Chapter 7 126 What Electoral Reforms 126 Henry Milner 126 References 138 Chapter 8 140 Selection Humanitarianism and Performance Trudeaus Immigration Promises 140 Mireille Paquet 140 References 150 Chapter 9 154 Social Policies for a Stronger Middle Class Toward Policy Transformation 154 Daniel Béland and Michael J. Prince 154 References 163 Chapter 10 164 The Legalization of Recreational Cannabis 164 Jared J. Wesley 164 References 173 Chapter 11 176 Federal Interventionism in Health Policy Back to the Future 176 Amélie Quesnel-Vallée Rachel McKay and Antonia Maioni 176 References 186 Chapter 12 190 Gender Equality Diversity and Inclusion Between Real Change and Branding 190 Karen Bird 190 References 201 Chapter 13 204 Renewing the Relationship with Indigenous Peoples An Ambitious Discourse Limited Accomplishments 204 Thierry Rodon and Martin Papillon 204 References 215 Chapter 14 218 Reconciling Environment and Economy Promises Kept but Gamble Lost 218 Pierre-Olivier Pineau 218 References 227 Chapter 15 230 From Sunny Ways to Stormy Weather Trudeaus Record on Foreign and Defence Policy 230 Julien Lauzon Chiasson and Stéphane Paquin 230 References 241 Conclusion 244 Overview and Election Perspectives 244 Lisa Birch and François Pétry 244 References 255 Authors Biographies 258