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These poems featuring the brilliant, the misfit, and the music of the stars summon us into the heart of what it means to be human and passionate on this wild ride we call life on Earth. Mileva Einstein, the forgotten genius; Josef Stalin's only daughter, as she flies off to the US; Robert Schumann, composing symphonies from an asylum; the view from Mars; horses sensing a predator; the road toward forgiveness -- in this gathering of the factual and fantastical, the lyrical and wise, a rich humanity steps forth. Pamela Porter brings her unique sensibilities, combined with an acute intelligence, a sensuous lyricism, as well as a serious wit to the poems in this collection -- all of which asks: How did you get here, and how will you get home?--$cProvided by publisher.

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canadian poetry

Table of Contents

19392019 5 Sometimes we open our eyes in the dark and nothing is the same. 7 Let Desire. Let Storm 9 I Dream a World 10 Delicate Yet More Dangerous 11 A Long Road into Dawn 12 The Wild Things 13 Let Desire. Let Storm 15 Kanaree Caves Salsette 17 Hunger 18 Emily and I 19 Living with her 21 A litany for speaking 22 Motif 23 Portrait of the artist with Yu Xuanji 840868 24 A womans tale 25 The lost sister 26 Interview 27 Barbedwire fence 29 Fragment of a letter found in an attic 30 Wing by wing 31 Mrs. Einstein 32 Packing grief 34 I Dream a World 35 Stilllife 37 Moon owl stone 38 Poem at the end of the year 39 January 40 Ordinary singing 41 Auction 42 Telling the story 43 The way it breaks down 45 Robert Schumann 47 Turning with the Earth 48 Easter Sunday 49 Something completely understood but unspeakable 50 Girl walking backward 51 A likely story 52 Dignity 53 356 a.m. 54 Where the road ends 55 Delicate Yet More Dangerous 57 Instructions for the apotheosis 59 Becoming a poet 61 The trail up to Hidden Lake 62 Families dont exist here 63 Witness to the spill 65 Migration 66 Getting through the war 67 Pale wanderer 68 Entreaty 69 Predator 70 As above so below 71 The bell 72 Perspective 73 Shepherds 74 See you 76 A Long Road into Dawn 77 Photograph Svetlana Stalin and her father 79 The present moment 81 In the clearing 82 Watching for snakes 83 Notes October 86 A kind of victory 88 Judgement 89 Renouncement 90 Between 91 A theory 92 She wasnt perfect but she was perfectly Knowlene 93 Raylene gets fed up 94 They called him Wing 96 Deep Cove 98 Aubade 99 Rupture 100