cover image: August 31, 2019 - No. 25 - In the 2019 Federal Election Canada "Open for Business"


August 31, 2019 - No. 25 - In the 2019 Federal Election Canada "Open for Business"

7 Nov 2019

It also explained, "These sanctions and the blockade are a violation of the Charter of the UN, of the OAS Charter and the Vienna Convention on the conduct of war. [...] Despite the fact that the negative effects of the concentration of property, power and wealth in the hands of the usual privileged minority continue to deepen, in the countries of the region where this has happened social protest is growing, while the left, popular and progressive forces, especially in the sphere of social and popular movements, are putting forward anti-neoliberal proposals that w. [...] The preservation of peace in Venezuela is the preservation of peace in the region and one of the priorities of the parties that make up the São Paulo Forum. [...] Support the candidacy of Evo Morales and Álvaro García Linera in Bolivia, who with the support of the majority of their people are betting on developing the "Bicentennial Agenda" in their fourth term of office, with the objective of settling the outstanding historical debts of the 19th and 20th centuries and facing the tasks of the 21st century in conditions of economic independence and full polit. [...] Support the right of Bolivia's sovereign return to the Pacific Ocean through the dialogue between the Chilean and Bolivian peoples, and the achievement of an agreement based on solidarity that will allow Bolivia access to a sea and might make an improvement in the lives of the population possible by facilitating the exploitation of maritime resources, the export of organic products and an encounte.



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