cover image: Where in the World Are Canadian Oil and Gas Companies? 2015


Where in the World Are Canadian Oil and Gas Companies? 2015

29 May 2019

This report provides an account of emerging trends in the 2015 year of study and highlights variations in the level of global activities of Canadian oil and gas (O&G) companies between 2013 and 2015.2 In 2015, a total of 161 Canadian O&G companies engaged in exploration, production and service activities in 96 countries worldwide. [...] This represents an increase of 0.18 percentage points in the share of worldwide production, despite the fact that the number of active E&P companies has in fact decreased 37 per cent in the same period (from 172 E&P companies in 2013 to 108 companies in 2015). [...] The international production of Canadian companies is equivalent to 17 per cent of the total production of oil, NGL and natural gas in Canada, or 44 per cent of Canadian company production in Canada.6 A. Regional Overview Table 1 presents the number of active Canadian E&P companies in the seven regions of analysis in 2015, while outlining the regional presence of companies in 2013, as a way of com. [...] 2 In general, the international presence of Canadian E&P companies declined significantly in this year of analysis, with the smallest number of active companies (108) recorded since the launch of this project in 2011. [...] The 2015 year of study signified a substantial decrease in the international presence of Canadian companies since the initiation of this project in 2011, where the footprint of Canadian companies was quite expansive, with 255 companies active in 106 countries globally.
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