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PICES-2019 Annual Meeting Book of Abstracts

18 Dec 2019

The talk will contrast the observed responses of marine species and humans to changing climate conditions in the Bering Sea and Barents Sea and will elucidate the key threats to these marine ecosystems in the future The report provides a comprehensive assessment of the physical, biogeochemical, biological and societal changes occurring in polar regions This talk will present the assessment of opti. [...] The hydrodynamics in the region is strongly influenced by the large amount of fresh water entering the domain and its interactions with circulation on the shelf Some of the rivers are gauged, however, the majority of the rivers and streams are seasonal, transient and/or ungauged Long-term estimates of the effects of climate change also predict a reduction in the amount of freshwater entering the o. [...] The validated hydrodynamic model has been used to identify the extent of the riverine coastal domain in this region and assess the sensitivity of the circulation to the amount of fresh water discharge entering the domain 27 PICES-2019 (S3-14162) Role of river inflows from the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Okhotsk Sea Toru Miyama1 and Humio Mitsudera2 1 Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Techno. [...] While the contribution from the river inflow from the Amur River on the western side of the Okhotsk Sea has been widely discussed, the role of the river inflows from the Kamchatka Peninsula on the eastern side of the Okhotsk Sea is not well known In this study, we simulated the northern part of the Okhotsk Sea to investigate the roles of river inflows from the Kamchatka Peninsula. [...] The purpose of the study investigated the relationship between the variations of upwelling intensity and marine environment, and the climatic phenomenon, and related to the ecosystem structure using primary production required (PPR) Two upwelling indices of sea surface temperature divergence and Ekman pumping showed the upwelling were strongest in June and weakest in August.
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