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PR-Year 1

4 Jul 2018

The main objectives of the meeting were to: (1) discuss the overall strategy and general directions for the project and develop timelines for project activities and deliverables, (2) review and refine the workplan for Year 1, and (3) draft the workplan for Year 2. [...] The PST concluded that the Indonesian Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) is the ideal partner for this project for two main reasons: 1) BPPT is responsible for leveraging advances in technology for the study of environmental systems to enhance Indonesian economic and societal development, and 2) a productive working relationship with BPPT was developed during the PICES/. [...] On completion of these community forums, the three sites were ranked in terms of the project goals using several criteria relevant to success of the project, including the presence of a strong local coordinator (considered vital to project success), ecosystem changes recognized by the people, evaluation of their recognition of the relationship between environment and fisheries (wild caught and aqu. [...] The initial GIS-based fisheries data application, created through a contract with Green Front 6 Laboratory (Japan), was reviewed at the first PST meeting, and several additional considerations were suggested centered on (1) the form and details of data collections, (2) the logistics and practicality of these wishes, and (3) the ease of use and functionality of the application in the hands of commu. [...] The visits to the potential case study sites in March 2018 enabled testing of the application, both in terms of connectivity to data storage sites and in the ease of use for community members.
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