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No. 59 November 6, 2021 - IN THIS ISSUE - All Out to Humanize the Natural and Social Environment!

20 December 2021


In the days leading up to 1 the Summit and over the course of the first week, multiple mass actions have taken place throughout Glasgow and around the fenced-off proceedings, as well as online. [...] The UK government will reportedly spend as much as £250 million on policing at the summit, which is said to be the largest ever deployment of police in the UK, bigger than that of the June 2021 G7 Summit in Cornwall or the 2012 London Olympics. [...] All of it sends a clear message that the working people and especially the youth who have been fighting to put climate change on the agenda are to be considered a threat and criminalized, while those responsible for the plunder and unchecked despoiling of Mother Earth to enrich themselves are not to be held to account. [...] “Sébastien Duyck, a senior attorney at the Center for International Environmental Law, said: ‘People have come from all regions, despite all of the hurdles — the economic costs of being here in Glasgow, the health risks associated with going back to their communities, to participate in the process.’ “But he said that of the thousands of accredited observers from the global South, Indigenous commun. [...] “Duyck called on the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change [UNFCCC] Secretariat and the UK as hosts to take immediate action to ensure that the voices of communities living with the impacts of climate change are ‘effectively and meaningfully heard in negotiating rooms.’ “The UK government had said the event would be the most inclusive COP ever.