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ONTARIO IS IN CRISIS: - We need immediate action now and a commitment to long-term solutions

26 January 2022


And to make things worse, Ontarians’ experience of the pandemic has been compounded by government decisions and policies that put the needs of businesses ahead of the public’s health and well-being. [...] We were reminded of the value of the work Ontario workers do every single day, that the economy can’t function without them, and that the workers we rely on most—those who feed us, care for us, and look after us when we’re sick—are often the ones with the least support, the lowest pay, and the worst conditions. [...] The success of that recovery will depend on two things: whether the government will take the urgent required actions in the short term to address the worsening public health crisis in Ontario, and whether its long-term approach includes serious, significant, and meaningful re-investment in all our public services and the infrastructure of government that helps ensure the health, safety, and future. [...] In the last year, devastating wildfires have raged out of control in California and the Pacific Northwest; in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario; and in Greece, Turkey, and the south of France. [...] We urge the government to act immediately on both the urgent required actions to address, minimize, and end the Omicron emergency, as part of a broader strategy to end the COVID-19 pandemic, and the longer-term measures, including a commitment to re-invest in all our public services, that would ensure the health, safety, and futures of every single person in our province.



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