cover image: Assessment of 2030 Mexico and Global Fuels Supply and Cost Impacts


Assessment of 2030 Mexico and Global Fuels Supply and Cost Impacts

6 Jul 2018

The information contained herein is the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily reflect the views of the CEC or the governments of Canada, Mexico or the United States of America. [...] Vessel dockside emissions estimates were revised for the original 13 ports included in the 2008 inventory by updating the vessel daily fuel usage rates and emission factors, with the revised daily fuel usage rates linked to the vessel-days-at-port data provided by Semarnat. [...] To approximate the emissions in the new ports, the revised emission values for the original 13 ports were divided by each port’s 2008 cargo tonnage to develop emission factors in metric tons of pollutant divided by cargo tonnage handled. [...] Given the age of the SIP data and the improved data quality of the new fuel demand rate, the new rate was applied to Mexico’s vessel traffic count and days at port data set to estimate hoteling fuel usage. [...] Since the new port list was increased to 35 ports, the total cargo tonnage for the original port list and the new port list were compared to develop an adjustment factor to approximate the additional emissions for new platforms.


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