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3 March 2022


This report was prepared with funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) with the aim of providing recommendations for the government of Canada on the effective preparation and use of digital technology in the event of a future health crisis. [...] One of the key factors of success in the use of digital technologies to fight the pandemic in Asia is the ability of governments to share personal data between different ministries and levels of government. [...] During COVID-19, the Canadian private sector contributed to the government of Canada’s digital solutions, but the lack of co-ordination and consistency in the development and deployment processes make interoperability and data sharing difficult as solutions usually end up being vendor-centric and narrow-focused.43 According to the Edelman report, the Canadian public’s trust in the technology secto. [...] Also, if the quarantining individual leaves the location of quarantine, the app sets off an alarm for both the individual and the public health official.104 Distribution of Medical Resources INDONESIA The national government is organizing vaccination appointments using the PeduliLindungi app, a government website, the telephone, and WhatsApp. [...] The app also enables patients to manage their own medical records by integrating e-payment and insurance services in the app.171 In April 2020, the Ministry of Health partnered with the Ministry of Information and Communications to launch new telemedicine projects in response to the increasing importance of remote medical services during the COVID-19 pandemic.172 For example, the Hanoi University.