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Policy Brief No. 173 — May 2022 - The First Space-Cyber War and the Need for New Regimes

13 May 2022


173 — May 2022 The First Space-Cyber War and the Need for New Regimes and Policies Eytan Tepper Key Points Introduction: The Emerging → A combined space-cyber warfare theatre Space-Cyber Nexus is emerging to become the primary battlefield in the twenty-first century Space-based infrastructure is a critical infrastructure for and the main mode of space warfare. [...] There is a Cornyn (Republican, Texas) introduced bipartisan need for an integrated approach and focus to legislation, a bill titled Satellite Cybersecurity Act8; develop and then adopt policy through the in March 2022, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure prism of the space-cyber security nexus that Security Agency, together with the Federal Bureau responds to the complexities of the nexus. [...] the Space-Cyber Domain In the United States, for example, in September Properly addressing the space-cyber security 2020, then president Donald Trump signed nexus at both the multilateral and the national an executive order: “Space Policy Directive–5: levels requires an integrated approach and Cybersecurity Principles for Space Systems” (SPD– 6 the introduction of international norms and 5). [...] Economic ministries and central banks the capacity — and therefore the responsibility should introduce policies and measures for the — to lead the way on space-cyber governance. [...] The Economic Aspect and The promised revamping of the strategy should address issues related to threats to space-based the Space-Cyber Security infrastructure and applications.