Sustainable Rail: On Track (2022-7)
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Sustainable Rail: On Track (2022-7)

23 April 2022


The global average of emissions for rail transport is estimated to be 19g of CO2/ passenger-km, compared to small and me- dium cars with an average of 148g of CO2/ passenger-km and airplanes with an average of 123g of CO2/ RCUUGPIGTMOFGOQPUVTCVKPIVJGGHƂEKGPE[QHTCKNVTCPURQTV While rail is already amongst the lowest carbon-emitting methods of transport, oil accounted for 55% of total energy consumpt. [...] imately 37% of the total, with this trend increasing in the past two decades as renewable energy sourc- This price shock has sent signals to consum- es bring down the overall cost of electricity world- ers of the need to rethink the way they get around. [...] More and more countries the risk of creating new competitors in the acquirer have demonstrated interest in HSR; however, many of the new technology in the case of technology countries lack the knowledge and skillsets required transfers. [...] 6JGRTQLGEVYCUestimated to cost $9 billion at the time, with Alstom providing $2.4 billion to JGNR HWPF VJGRTQLGEV 6JGFGCN DGVYGGP VJG-Q- rean government and Alstom consisted of a 100% technology transfer of Alstom’s TGV technology to -QTGCPƂTOUKPXQNXGFKPVJGRTQLGEVCNQPIYKVJ the construction of half of the trains in Korea. [...] The TTC has begun plan- 2CUUGPIGT6TCXGN ning its “Ontario Line”, a 16 km line servicing 15 stops from Exhibition Place in the southwest The short term developments in passenger of Toronto all the way up to the Ontario Sci- rail travel have already been set in motion by the ence Centre in the northeast of the city.

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