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Radionuclides pose a current and sustained threat to the Great Lakes’ environment and its

13 May 2022


Disclaimer: The views, comments and recommendations provided in this report are those of the CELA and its author and not of its funders. [...] One of the reasons the nuclear agencies gave for rejecting a CMC designation for radionuclides is that radionuclides are not a threat to human health and the environment in the Great Lakes. [...] Specifically, The IJC states that the Great Lakes exhibit considerable irregularity and non-uniformity in geographical distribution of radionuclides due to “many different sources of radioactivity to the Great Lakes, their patterns of release and the actions of various environmental processes…”8 For instance, not all radionuclides are distributed evenly among different lakes, or even within the wa. [...] Assessment of the Relevance of the Inclusion of Radionuclides as a Chemical of Mutual Concern under Annex 3 of the Canada-United States Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. [...] Inclusion of biological monitoring of radionuclides and consistency in collection and reporting of same Assessment of environmental cycling of radionuclides and adjustment according to unique properties of the Great Lakes region such as the fresh water component, the closed system, and prevailing weather and water patterns.