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Brian Mulroney, Ronald Reagan, and the Politics of Friendship - Donald E. Abelson

5 May 2022


For example, Reagan’s fondness and respect for Mulroney helps to explain why, when Mulroney was trailing in the polls in the lead up to the 1988 federal election, the president worked closely with his advisers to figure out what they could do to boost the prime minister’s popularity at home. [...] In the second section, attention will shift to the key issues that shaped the bilateral agenda when Mulroney and Reagan were in office and what steps they were prepared to take to ensure significant progress on the Canada-US file. [...] Reagan’s growing concerns over the management of the largest state in the union convinced him to take a run for the California governorship in 1966, and to the dismay and surprise of many, he defeated two-term incumbent Edmund G. [...] 8 MULRONEY, REAGAN, AND THE BIRTH OF A HISTORIC FRIENDSHIP Ronald Reagan and Brian Mulroney came of age during momentous periods in world history: Reagan during the Great Depression and Mulroney in the midst of the Cold War. [...] With the business acumen of a seasoned executive, the experience and confidence of a skilled negotiator, and the insight of a visionary statesman capable of navigating the political waters on both sides of the border, Mulroney was well-positioned—and equipped—to transform the bilateral policy landscape.