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CIGI Papers No. 265 — June 2022 - Regulating the International Digital Economy, with Trade

6 June 2022


The rules-based multilateral trading This paper highlights the scale of the international system affords a degree of market openness and digital economy; describes the current, incomplete thereby supports diffusion of this innovation governance framework for the international and provides opportunities for participation of digital economy; illustrates the importance of others in this activity. [...] Better growth of the international digital economy has definition and international alignment of the outpaced the development of a corresponding framework for governance of digital trade and data international system of governance, and there are could lead to benefits for the regulatory objectives gaps such as the ones highlighted by Chertoff. [...] development and the emergence of new products, there was a need to expand the original scope.6 The data in Table 1 underscores the concentration This was accomplished in 2015 (followed by entry in market shares of the leading nations in the global into force in 2016), with an agreement to cover digital economy. [...] For the period from 2014 to 2019, the author developed a panel data set of firms that figured In the first step of the analysis, the author among the top 2,500 firms for R&D expenditure considers a data set focused on the evolving in any of these six years. [...] → the share of purchases of intermediate ICT goods and services (for example, production inputs) as a percentage of output, by sector; Graphical Sketch: R&D Expenditure and Digital Services Market Openness → the stock of robots per hundred employees To get a first impression of the dynamics in the (as an indicator of automation); data and for illustrative purposes, the team charted → the share of.